State Ministry of Home affairs

Competitive Examination for Grama Niladhairi Grade iii Recruitment – 2020 (2021)

  • Competitive Examination for the Recruitment of Grama Niladhari Grade III published in the Gazette of the Democratic Social Republic of Sri Lanka No 2230 Date 2021.05.28 in reference with the Announce of the Examination 2021 (2021)
  • The Last date for Calling applications mentioned in Paragraph 9.1 of the Notice is extended to 19.07.2021 and the Date of Completion of qualifications mentioned in paragraph 6 remains unchanged as 28.06.2021
  • Further the necessary facilities have been provided to apply online for this examination. the necessary instructions have been posted on the Website and please follow the instruction given there
  • Candidates who have already applied for this examination are advised not to re-apply